1 Library collection location
Each floor collections at the following location:
First floor:Teachers and books, silver-haired special Tibetan
                   welfare, newspaper reading room
Second floor:Western text reference books, theme reference
                        resource area, designated reference
Third floor:Chinese Books
Fourth floor:Western text is now published, Archive, journal, old
                      newspapers, leisure reading
Fifth floor:Self-Access Centre
Sixth floor:Western Books
Seventh floor:Classical Reading Area
Details can be found in the library web site:http://library.nkut.edu.tw/main.php
2 Students can borrow a few books, you can borrow a few days? Students can borrow 20, ordinary books can be borrowed for 30 days, reference books can be borrowed for 2 days. No appointment three days before the expiration renewal procedures may apply, renew quadratic limit.
3 Overdue book it will be punished? Overdue books who each overdue day, every book liquidated damages payable NT Wu Yuan, the cumulative daily.
4 I want to borrow books have been borrowed, how do? The books have been borrowed, can use the online inquiry system on their own holdings to make a booking, or contact the service desk.
5 Schools do not want to borrow a book collections, how to do? No collection of library books, interlibrary borrowing permeable way, borrow from other libraries, interlibrary borrowing service Refer
Libraries can also recommend to purchase: can be sent to a library of books, please faculties office desk or transmitted, or to the library website Books recommended purchase
,Proposed purchase recommended.
6 Library opening hours are? Monday through Friday 8:15 - 21:15
Saturday and Sunday 9:15 ~ 16:45
Closed national holidays, summer vacation time another set; opening times are subject to change prior announcement.
7 How to use self-center? I can within the opening hours of a student card or other identity documents to the registration desk; all the resources you can use self-learning center. For more details, please refer to self-center web page:
8 Self has what resources? First, the self-study center space include retrieving area, film library, audio-visual area, integrated learning area, several study rooms, sitting area, a screening room for small groups, self-seminar rooms, information literacy classrooms and lecture halls, its resources have audio and video resources, online English learning test platform, LiveABC English learning resources Network, 211 (master version) quality digital textbooks.
Second, to provide students with cross-department study counseling pipeline, promote guidance services and academic disciplines to guide referral service.

 9 Why open a period of self-learning center? Monday through Friday, morning 9:00 - 9:00 pm
Closed national holidays; opening hours are subject to change prior announcement.
10 The school has those network resources? E-mail Web mail system, the campus e-Learning distance learning network platform, school administration systems, campus service kiosks, online English learning website, library resources and so on ...
Refer to Figure funding resource utilization guidelines

11 Why do I use the Nankai home of "information system menu," click on school administration IT system, you will not enter the system? The site is currently hyperlinks River school system host address (four host) automatically switch when being a unit of host exception, there will not be using the system, then please click on the following host directly into the system, if these hosts are Unable to enter, please contact the electrical system group:
Host computer(
Host computer(
Host computer(
Host computer(
Systems Group Contact Information:049-2563489-1315 or 1332
12 Why campus wireless network (NKWLAN) often disconnected, or can not access the Internet?  Wi-Fi transmission speed by many factors, such as:
Poor wireless signal quality Area
1. Example: Signal corner, building structures, weather ...
2. Interference
    Example: AP signal interference by other kangaroo, other
    wireless devices, induction cooker ...
3. hardware limits
    Example: Due to the wireless network bandwidth is shared
    adopted, the same AP at the same time there are multiple users 
    connected Line, it will affect connection speeds
4. The user computer environment
    Example: computer poisoning, aging facilities and ...
13 Is there a campus wireless network connection to improve the quality of the way? Select the preferred base station signals, and check your environment whether there is likely to interfere with the connection quality factors. In addition, since the wireless network available channels is limited, a lot of kangaroo wireless base station (AP) will interfere with the quality of the campus wireless network connection, if not necessary, to avoid using kangaroo AP.
Refer to the wireless network resource utilization guidelines campus

 14 I use the computer's wireless network signal weak area on campus, how to do?  
Internet service group after another in the detection and improve the quality of campus wireless network signal service, the library and one to the seventh floor corridor of the buildings on campus, students are certified to provide all staff after the Internet services, please make use of it.
Use campus wireless network if the problem, and please explain your use venue and Internet devices, in order to facilitate exchange whole question as to improve planning your reference. Figure SFAA way :( network group contact e-mail) abuse@nkut.edu.tw, or call 049-2563489 (ext) 1338.
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