Library and Information Office (LIO) is responsible for developing information system, establishing campus networks, supporting digital learning, providing library services on acquiring, organizing, collecting, reading, circulating, and promoting and so on, as well as promoting autonomous learning for all students.

  LIO is well located on the campus. Its measurement of area is 7,820 square meters. Collections of both pedagogical and research resources are abundant. There are more than 200,000 volumes and over 700 kinds of journals. The facilities contain study carrel, reading room, group study room, presentation practice room and reading exhibition & performance area. More specially, on the first floor, there resides the exclusive research zone, Special Collection of Gerontic Area. Collections of both books and journals relate with Gerontechnology and Service Management. 

  In order to cope with the digital learning era, guiding students to utilize the network resources, elevating their information competency, and cultivating their autonomous learning attitudes, the LIO designates a Self-learning Center on the fifth floor providing superior learning environment and abundant learning resources for students. Moreover, it offers retrieval, Audio-Visual Area, Comprehensive Learning Area, E-learning Room, Group Audio-Visual Room, Group Study Room. In addition, teachers provide consulting services in order to assist students with their academic needs. 


  Concerning networks and information systems, our campus has equipped with Gigabit Optical Networks and wireless networks. More significantly, Information system has been well developed to improve efficiency of Academic, Student, General, Research & Development, Personnel, and Accounting Affairs. Document management system has also designed to create a paperless administration. We have also gained a pass ISO27001 international information security Certificate so that the goals of the fastest, steadiest and safest information services can be reached.

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