Wireless Network Q&A

QFor what reason is the campus wireless network (NKWLAN) often disconnected, or the Internet unavailable?


AWi-Fi transmission speed is affected by many factors, such as:

♦ 1. Poor wireless signal quality in the area

Example: Signal corners, building structures, weather.


♦ 2. Interference

Example: AP signal interference by kangaroos, other wireless devices, stoves or other electrical utilities.


♦ 3. Hardware Limitations

Example: Due to the sharing of wireless network bandwidth, simultaneous AP use by many users will affect connection speed.


♦ 4. User-friendly Computer environment

Example: computer poisoning, aging facilities.


QIs there a way to improve campus wireless network connectivity?

ARefer to the campus wireless network resource utilization guidelines, choose the preferred base station signals, and check your environment for factors likely to interfere with connection quality.

In addition, since the wireless network available channels is limited, a lot of kangaroo wireless base stations (AP) will interfere with the quality of the campus wireless network connection, so avoid using kangaroo AP, unless it is necessary.


QI find the computer's wireless network signal weak within the campus area. How can I fix this?

AInternet service groups are detected and gradually increase the signal coverage of the wireless network on  campus. For this reason, the library on the first floor also offers all staff and students Internet Services; please make use of this resource.

If you have a problem using the campus wireless network, please contact the map data at the network group, and indicate the place of use and your issue with Internet access.


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